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Baby Pillow Tall How To Choose
- Jul 18, 2017 -

  Baby pillow tall how to choose

  Baby pillow market there are many, but maybe many mothers do not know how much baby began to use pillows? What kind of pillow is better? How to choose the height? Many of these factors may not have much to do with adults, but for the baby's health, but it is very close. According to the national census shows that China's infants and young children due to improper use of pillows caused by a lot of damage and impact, especially the high degree of high degree of improper choice of cervical cancer caused by the most serious impact.

  May be a lot of impatient mother in the baby was born when the baby ready for the pillow, here to tell you, 0-3 months of the baby is not a pillow. Maybe every mother is trying to give the baby a weak head to prepare a gentle care, but then I do not know, this is not only beneficial but harmful. In fact, the newly born baby, spine straight, flat back and back of the head in the same plane, neck, back muscles naturally loose, side of the hour and the body is also the same plane, if the pillow pad high, but easy to make the neck Bending, and some can cause breathing difficulties, so that the impact of normal growth and development. In short is to keep the baby lying down, back and back of the head to be in the same plane can be.

  3-6 months of the baby need to use a pillow, and now the baby began to learn the rise of the spine neck began to appear before the physiological bending. 6 months to start the baby began to learn to sit. At this point, how to sleep when the head is low, will increase the brain blood, easy to affect the baby to sleep. So, 3 months to start, it is necessary to give the baby with a pillow, pillow height control within 3 cm can be too high easily lead to cervical oppression, so a high degree of control within 3 cm can be. As for the 3 cm is a wide range of concepts, according to the front to keep the back and back of the head in the same plane on the basis of higher than 3 cm.

  6 months later, you can increase the baby's pillow to 4 cm or so, the appropriate height can be conducive to the head of the blood circulation, thus promoting growth and development. Help the baby become smart and lively. In fact, the height of the pillow is a great knowledge, have neglected the height of the pillow parents should pay attention to the Oh In addition, once again to remind you, to grasp the height of the height, you can take a measure of the size of Oh, do not laugh, it is necessary Oh