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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Latex Pillows
- Aug 27, 2017 -

1, curve waveform ergonomics design, paste the body head curve of the ideal pillow.

2, can adapt to sleep posture and pressure point, adjust the appropriate support, and defuse the pressure of injury, to protect the spine has significant help.

3, effectively promote the body's microcirculation, reduce the number of turns during sleep.

4, good ventilation, emitting the head of sleep when the heat and moisture, so that the head to keep fresh;

5, soft and elastic, comfortable feeling just like the skin.

6, rubber in the oak protein can prevent mites, bacteria breeding, the most suitable for people suffering from asthma, allergic rhinitis.

7, 100% natural latex, the production process does not add any chemical additives, green environmental protection. Advantages and disadvantages of latex pillows

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