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What mattress material better?
- Apr 06, 2016 -

Broadly summarized into three kinds of mattresses, a Spring mattress. When it comes to spring mattresses, my first thought is its elasticity and softness, as its name implies, spring supports are better, its permeability is also very strong, and it's OK, suitable for low and medium high consumer demand. In fact, at the time of purchase, you also need to note is the mattress coating fabric, and sewing quality, it is one of the elements that affect the performance of mattresses.

Another is to add Palm mattress. In fact, Brown mattress has a traditional history, during the Song dynasty started with Palm mattress, a major Palm mattress is relatively hard, damp proofing, its permeability, and can also be different in summer and winter. Meanwhile, Brown mattress with high functional, very suitable for the likes hard point of old friends and growing children, generally, Palm mattress after all, moth, antibacterial treatment, health and environmental protection and are very durable, top mattress selection is the public family.