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What are the benefits of natural latex pillows?
- Aug 27, 2017 -

tex is a natural material taken from the rubber sap, they are extremely valuable, because every rubber trees can produce 30cc latex juice. A latex product needs to be finished in at least a day and a half days. It is a product of considerable time and material value. By evaporation molding, which has numerous pores, good air permeability and porosity due to the surface is smooth, so the mites can not be attached, and latex juice has a very important feature is that it smells so many mosquitoes are reluctant to close. Excellent elasticity, no deformation, can be cleaned, durable. Is a good healthy material; the only small drawback is not exposed to the sun, ultraviolet light will change the emulsion material to powder, but when discarded, it is very good environmental protection materials.

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