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Understanding, advantages and disadvantages of gel memory pillows
- May 20, 2017 -

Understanding, advantages and disadvantages of gel memory pillows

Gel memory pillow is the latest innovative products, the main material is made of slow rebound material, covered a layer of the gel, the body goes to sleep, have a cool feeling, its function is not to increase people's memory but because often use pillow will form the inherent shape of head and neck ministry. Different manufacturers produce this pillow to bring out their own style and brand pillows, giving people the choice.


1 Gel memory pillow has a unique appearance, compared to the ordinary pillow is very obvious. This pillow has a gel that is like crystal water, but it won't leak like a water pillow.

The 2 gel memory pillow provides you with a comfortable experience with the water pillow, but provides more supporting effect than the water pillow.

3 because the gel memory pillow is made of gel foam, so you will have a very cool feeling, which will further make your sleep comfortable.

The 4 Gel memory pillow surface is specially designed, and the whole sleep structure will provide good ventilation. This will help you avoid waking up in your sleep, which is quite an exciting experience.

5 although we are all sleeping, there are different kinds of stress that can affect us, and the gel memory pillow helps relieve stress and doesn't disturb your sleep.


1 because people sleeping in sleep will have different preferences, and the hardness of the pillow is soft, it may not have the appropriate height, it will affect their position, so the use of gel memory pillow is need time to adapt to the.

2, just starting using gel memory pillows may have some bad smells, and that's one of the complaints that users use.

A pillow filled with 3 fiber material may cause mite dust and may eventually cause some allergens that can affect a person's sleep. These allergens make you sneeze during sleep, so it's best to put on an allergy sensitive pillow case on your pillow.

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