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How to distinguish between true and false latex pillow?
- Oct 21, 2017 -

Sleep is a thing that people do every day, and sleep is inseparable from the pillow, a good pillow can help improve people's sleep quality, can prevent a variety of spinal diseases, so the pillow is about people can not sleep Casually buy one. Latex pillow is now a very popular pillow, the price of latex pillow on the market is also very different, then how can we distinguish the true and false latex pillow?

1. burr pits

Latex pillow is made of natural latex pillow, from the appearance we can come and go to distinguish between true and false, latex pillow in the production process which will inevitably appear some small burrs or small potholes, because the use of most of the Latex ingredients, so if you see the market is very perfect latex pillow, then certainly not genuine.

2. matt gloss

Latex pillow is usually made of plastic mold, so the surface looks like matte luster, if the hand press is there will be obvious leather lines, and metal mold made of pillows look shiny, leather The lines are not so obvious. The former latex pillow generally better quality, people can observe the latex pillow to identify the surface.

3. Latex smell

In the purchase of latex pillow when people can smell the way to distinguish between true and false, really latex pillow smell a latex taste, not bad nor too sweet, if people smell the feeling of plastic, it absolutely Not really natural latex pillow.

4. good elasticity

People in the purchase of latex pillow when you can use the way to identify the true and false, genuine latex pillow is generally relatively soft, people press the time is easy to compress, feel very soft, once the loose latex pillow will be restored to The original state, do not see the traces of pressure, this latex pillow is genuine.

5. Ventilation and ventilation

Latex pillow has a good ventilation and breathable effect, people in the use of time to make the skin better breathing, so when you buy latex pillow pillow pillow when they can blow the gas, if the gas can smooth flow, Then it is proved that the latex pillow has a very good breathable effect, it belongs to the genuine latex pillow.

6. Tension and compression performance

Genuine latex pillow generally have a good toughness, not only pressure can quickly restore the original shape, when it comes up with a very good toughness, buy latex pillow when the back of a part of the latex pillow gently The upper and lower shaking, to see how the toughness of latex pillow will not easily pull off.

7. look at the color

Latex pillow which contains a lot of latex ingredients, so the appearance looks pale yellow, if the latex pillow showing a perfect milky white, then it means that the use of latex latex, so buy latex pillow must see clearly Latex pillow color, egg yolk is worth our purchase.

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