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The three elements of the pillow and the choice of the best pillow
- May 18, 2017 -

The three elements of the pillow and the choice of the best pillow

A basic shape that supports the neck

The groove is designed to be lower than the surrounding area and can gently support the neck in addition to supporting the head moderately. The left and right sides are thicker and can automatically adapt to the side sleeping height of the sleeping side when turning over. Each part of the styling will ensure your ideal sleeping position. 5 basic forms of pillow include 5 parts (front, left, right and right) and moderately support the neck. Each part can guarantee your ideal posture. Neck unit: moderately supporting the middle part of the neck: lower than around to support the head. The sides are relatively thick, and when sleeping, the side turn over can be automatically adapted to the side of the human body to refer to the sleeping height.

Factor two proper height

Personally, you can choose from 5 basic height, more than 10 kinds of pillow height adjustment. Human sleep is actually the most comfortable when it comes to standing posture, that is, when sleeping, the body also needs about 5 degrees of angle. If you do not sleep in the pillow, at least not supporting the head, so that your neck vertebra gradually deformation easily, do not sleep pillow or pillow is too low, the problem is not small. "Pillow in Qingdao" also said that the pillow is too high, even if you sleep and rest for a long time, but also a bad rest, this may be that you sleep a long time, but always feel tired of the important reasons!

Element three good filling material The material determines the soft hardness and efficacy of the pillow.

Pillow selection

At present, tend to choose more popular natural materials, kapok, cattail, buckwheat shell, cotton, flowers and other natural materials, can also be added to increase the good physiotherapy pillow efficacy, such as China incense, lavender, Huang Jingzi, Apocynum, Ligustrum lucidum, ginkgo leaf and so on. You can choose more than 10 different basic fillers and more than 40 kinds of composite filling material, so that the pillow has different flexibility, hardness and natural effects, so that customers choose any suitable one. According to the different filling materials will be divided into soft pillow pillow, pillow and pillow hard neutral three categories, convenient for customers to choose, in addition with double structure soft pillow, customers can according to their own preferences choose to quickly enter the dreamland soft hard.

Generally speaking, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma, people need to sleep; the risk of hypotension, anemia is a need to sleep low pillow. Pillows too high or too low are bad for your health. Then the normal people, the height of the pillow is how much better? The general understanding is: people used to sit a high pillow boxing habit side sleeping pillow high fist half is more appropriate.

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