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The principle of decompression of memory cotton pillow
- Mar 04, 2018 -

The highest level of the pillow is to let the sleeping person forget their pillow pillow-the shoulder neck curve and the edge of the pillow fully fit, soothing relaxed; the head slowly sank down, and unconsciously supported, wrapped, as if suspended in the air ... I am not in the loading x, good memory cotton pillow can really bring this wonderful feeling. Memory cotton is also called slow rebound, which is a kind of material with strong impact energy absorbing ability. It can be seen under the microscope that the memory cotton has an open cell structure (the following figure is left). When subjected to external pressure, its molecules "flow" shift, fitting the contact surface profile of the pressure, evenly dispersed to the entire contact surface. After the pressure is removed, it is slowly restored to its original shape. This is the memory of cotton pillow can cushion decompression, bring "hanging feeling" reason.