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The characteristics and function effect of U type neck occipital neck pillow
- Feb 09, 2018 -

Characteristics of U type neck and pillow 

1. convenient and practical

2. volume is small and easy to carry

3. unique ergonomics principle design

4. elegant and dismantling cleaning

5. the use of warm memory cotton material

6. is suitable for all office hours, effectively preventing the strain of the cervical spine

7. suitable for long distance driving to prevent cervical fatigue caused by long-term driving

8. can be used for lunch or back office

9. for travel, it can relieve the discomfort of the cervical spine caused by a long journey

10. the use of U type pillow can effectively prevent spinal strain

Effect of U type neck pillow

1. the unique ergonomics design of the neck pillow, can effectively prevent the cervical spine strain, the cervical spine plays a good support effect and effect.

2. the unique space memory cotton material is used. It has good slow rebound characteristics and temperature sensing memory characteristics. It can induce the temperature of human body and adjust the density of pillows, so as to achieve the purpose of tightly fitting the cervical vertebra.

3. for long-distance travel friends, can greatly alleviate the fatigue caused by the way of cervical vertebra, can help us to get high quality rest role in the way, reduce the long-distance travel because caused by neck pain.

4. for long-distance driver's friend, it can make the driver head adjust the curvature of 15-20 degrees, avoid the compression of cervical vertebra, relieve fatigue and improve safe driving.

5. it is suitable for daily office leisure. Whether you are using computers for a long time, watching TV at home or taking lunch break, you can effectively prevent cervical spine strain.

6. for sedentary office personnel, can be used as a pad, good supporting effect to the spine.

7. office lunch break, lunch can be used as a pillow, sleeping at his desk never because the arm caused by compression body numb, effectively alleviate the pressure of the human body, promote blood circulation, also you a brief but comfortable.

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