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Several basic principles of memory cotton pillow
- Mar 04, 2018 -

Several basic principles: 1. The height of the pillow is related to the sleeping position. Side sleep requires a high pillow with a hard support; a thin pillow to sleep on, and a slim pillow to sleep on, even without a pillow. 2. Try to sleep. Like love, always have to sleep so several slag pillow, to know what is best for their own. 3, the most concise purchase guide: Like a certain sense of supporting the choice of the memory of the cotton pillow or Dunlop pu latex pillow. Like soft pillows can choose feather pillow, Downia and Pacific coast is with many five-star hotels have a reliable brand of cooperation. Prefer a hard pillow, sleep when not much, you can choose the traditional buckwheat pillow, cassia seed pillow, such as affordable, such pillows can even be made according to personal circumstances