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Rebound memory pillow benefits
- May 28, 2018 -

1: The waveform design of the memory cotton pillow most conforms to the physiological curve of the human body and forms a support for the cervical vertebra. The thermal plasticity function of the space memory cotton makes the pillow and the head and the neck more comfortable and perfect, thus overcoming the problem of the cervical deformity caused by the suspension of the cervical or elliptical pillow during sleep.

2: The hardness reaches a perfect realm that can support the head and neck and is very comfortable. A stiff pillow can cause slight numbness or soreness in the head, ears, neck, back, arms, hands, etc.; a soft pillow can hardly keep the pillow well-supported to the neck and head.

3: unique slow rebound characteristics, the head and cervical pressure is almost zero, very comfortable, good blood circulation to the head and neck, is conducive to deep sleep.

4: There is natural breathability, cool in winter and cool in summer, it can also inhibit mold and prevent bacteria and phlegm. Breathable pillows are prone to sweating in summer, and tend to accumulate bacteria. They also cannot guarantee adequate breathing during sleep. Children may have potential safety problems. The memory foam pillow has overcome these problems and become the healthiest pillow in the new era.