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No pillows and pillows are harmful to health
- Apr 06, 2016 -

No pillows, head position is lower than the heart, will lead to more blood flows to the head, affecting the blood circulation of the head, vascular filling, tube compression, wake up and feel dizzy and baggy eyes, seriously affects the quality of sleep. Padded slept and head, chest joint is slightly raised, so that blood can flow from the waist, to reduce the burden of heart. And no pillows can cause injury. Top of spine cervical vertebrae located in the human body, with a package of internal carotid, made up of 7 vertebrae. So-called physiological curve is formed by 7 vertebrae of a sleek, toward the front of the arc, the Pillow's role is to maintain the normal physiological curve. If the long time does not use bending cervical pillows should have become, that hump, damage to the cervical vertebrae, and also affects the spinal health.