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Memory cotton pillow purchase method
- May 28, 2018 -

First, screw weight

In general, weight and density are directly related. If you compare real 60D, 80D, and 100D memory cotton pillows, you can find the difference in weight.

The disadvantage of this method is that some brands that have been premeditated at the outset will add talc to the pillows to increase the number of pillows in order to evade the consumer's measurement of this indicator, or if the density is too large as the main marketing idea. the weight of. The result of this is that although the pillow is heavy, the comfort and texture are very poor. But after all, this brand is a small number of people, so the weight can often be intuitively and truly discriminate between good and bad pillows, with an efficiency of nine out of eight. (For a 90*50*30*10/7 regular wave pillow, for example, the standard pillow weight is about 1.1 kg.)

Second, feel

Good high-density memory pillows have delicate texture, good supporting force and strong support at the temperature of twenty degrees, and the rebound is slow. Poor memory pillows have a sense of abnormal obstacles and are usually soft and have no support and slow rebound.