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Memory cotton and latex which is good
- Feb 20, 2018 -

The latter because the texture is softer, sleep more comfortable, especially in children's head-type is not the best use of stereotypes, ordinary people use to remove the uncertainty of the efficacy of medicine, so that people have a better quality of sleep is an indisputable fact memory pillow: because the production of arcs according to the ergonomic (neck need a larger support to the body to get the correct balance) , lying on the roll when the twist of the skeleton is more moderate cushion, if often have to sleep down diagnosis, switch to memory pillow usually have excellent improvement effect. Recommendations: Young people and infants use latex pillow, the elderly and bones vulnerable to the use of memory pillow.

Memory Pillow is a synthetic artificial sponge, is a sponge family, the scientific name is inert sponge, alias such as: Slow rebound sponge, memory sponge, 0 pressure sponge, space memory sponge, wisdom sponge, etc., the English name Memory Foam, the main ingredient is polyurethane foam plastic. The slow rebound pillow, also known as a slow rebound pillow, is a pillow made with slow rebound material that does not improve memory but is often used as a pillow that forms the intrinsic shape of the head and neck. Memory pillows are mostly slow-rebound pillows.