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Maintenance method of gel memory pillow
- May 20, 2017 -

Maintenance method of gel memory pillow

The traditional method of pillow maintenance not do the introduction, because the structure design does not accord with human design, long-term use, will only cause harm to the people of the cervical spine, the main method of maintenance is also often cleaning the pillow coat, often exposed to the sun to dry the pillow;

For modern people to use the health pillow for cervical vertebra or memory pillow, this is most consistent with a common pillow of humanization design, in order to distinguish the different, I decided to give written material, in order to prevent the health care pillow of different types is also used in this method, for different types of possible maintenance health care pillow methods are similar for friends reference.

Pillow material: warm feeling memory cotton, slow rebound memory cotton, space pillow;

Maintenance method: every month or so, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the pillow core, or gently tap the pillow core with your hand;

Cleaning method: the pillowcase and the inside take down cleaning, pillow core can not be washed;

Attention: the pillow core can not be exposed to the sun or put into the washing machine as usual pillows. Washing, sun or water washing will destroy the structure of natural latex pillow and memory cotton, and shorten its service life greatly. Exposure makes the memory cotton material aging and yellowing, washing water makes the memory cotton become very heavy, the water inside the pillow can not leak dry.

Gel memory pillow maintenance is mainly pillow and pillow maintenance, because gel memory pillow and ordinary pillow has the essential difference, so can't use routine maintenance method.

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