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Latex pillow and memory pillow which is good, why
- Aug 05, 2018 -

Many people have a good impression of the word "latex". Many people also mistakenly believe that latex pillows are memory pillows. In fact, the two are of course different. Latex is a natural material of rubber tree, and the sponge of memory pillow must be chemically synthesized.

Latex is a milky white liquid that is cut out from the tropical rubber tree. It is formed by low-temperature emulsification vacuum foaming and weighting once. No chemicals are added during the production process. Latex is soft and wear-resistant, never knotted, never deformed, and has the effect of eliminating aphids and bacteria, does not cause respiratory allergies, and is good for skin health. The open cells of latex naturally form numerous interconnected small ventilating chambers during processing. Together with nearly a thousand specially designed venting holes, the air circulation inside and outside the pillow ensures the excess heat and moisture in the head and neck. Maintain a good sleeping environment. Latex is used in the sanitary fields such as baby pacifiers, medical gloves, surgical drainage tubes, etc. due to its elasticity, fineness, non-toxicity and antibacterial properties. Latex is the top material for bedding in developed countries, and it is still a luxury in China.

Memory foam pillow: also known as slow rebound sponge, the pillow made of this material is called "space pillow", which is a non-natural substance, its chemical composition is polyurethane (containing certain toxicity and flammability). Memory foam has the advantages and disadvantages of the above-mentioned "sponge", so "space pillow" is not a good pillow. However, it has a characteristic that, unlike the above-mentioned "sponge", the memory sponge contains temperature memory particles, and temperature sensing occurs when it comes into contact with the human body, and forms a concave-convex surface that completely conforms to the body shape. Like the kind of "plasticine" that children play, the bent things are pressed, and the plasticine will keep it in a bent state; when the straight thing is pressed, the plasticine will keep it in a straight state. It has the function of "retaining" the contour of the human body, but it has no ability to "correct" the "cohort" deformity of the cervical vertebrae, so the memory foam pillow is worse than the general sponge pillow. Because the cervical spine of the cervical spine patient is generally straightened, after sleeping in this "space pillow", the patient's "neck bend" is still straight. Therefore, it should be said that the memory foam pillow (space pillow) has no benefit for the prevention and treatment of cervical spondylosis.