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Is the memory pillow soft or hard?
- May 28, 2018 -

Is the memory pillow soft or hard? To see climate conditions, we must look at the process of pillows. In general, a good memory pillow, at the right temperature, is soft and has no reaction force, and the rebound is slower; while the poor quality memory pillow is soft but has no support force, and the reaction force is very large and the rebound is relatively fast. Consumers can choose according to their own situation.

First, the lower the density, the softer the pillow, the weaker the support, the faster the rebound time (usually less than 3 seconds, this is what we usually call the poor memory cotton, the general density is 50D)

Second, the density to a certain time, such as 90D and 105D pillows, 105D pillows softer than 90D pillows. This is somewhat anti-physical, but it is indeed the case.

Third, it is also necessary to see whether the pillow is warm or low-temperature sensitive. 90D thermal pillows are softer than 90D pillows at low temperatures, such as summer; 90D thermal pillows are harder than 90D pillows at low temperatures, such as winter . In fact, the warmth of the pillow is better than the low temperature pillow in terms of quality.

Fourth, the higher the purity, the delicate texture of the pillow, soft; purity is not enough, the pillow may be hard, there is a foreign body sensation. (The higher the purity of the pillow, the better the quality. However, many brands do not specify the purity, which is the "hidden rule" of the memory pillow. Generally speaking, the higher the density, the heavier the pillow, but some brands in order to shoddy , Add talcum powder, etc., resulting in a false impression of a heavy pillow, in fact, relatively poor quality)