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How to use the gel pillows?
- Dec 20, 2017 -

The following points need to be paid attention to the maintenance and cleaning of expensive gel pillows:

1. Some people will be accustomed to the pillow, we do not recommend, because the gel is often exposed to aging, causing surface powder;

2., The gel pillow does not need to be cleaned. When you really want to clean, remember not to soak the gel pillow directly in the water. Instead, you need to use a damp wet cloth to gently scrub it, and then dry it with a dry towel or other materials that will absorb water.

3. When you go to bed and sweat, the gel itself volatilizes water, and it doesn't need to be dry.

4. Gel pillow is convenient to clean, just wet cloth graze the surface layer gel pillow washable fabric with a take on an altogether new aspect, and a patented gel film, only the surface layer cloth graze gel can make lasting gel pillow has Huanran such as new, original freshness;

5., When collecting gel pillows, remember not to press heavy objects, nor to put it in damp space. LC, if you use a vacuum bag to collect products, do not store INQs for more than six months. When Quy is removed, if it is found that the product cannot return to its original form, it will rebound itself as long as it is placed for one or two days.

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