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How to easily have a healthy sleep
- Apr 06, 2016 -

With the accelerating pace of life, the pressure grows, an increasing number of people suffering of insomnia, the following recommended several easy recipes to help you have a healthy sleep.

1 a tablespoon of vinegar, pour in a cup of cold water to drink, hypnotic sleep and sleep soundly.

2 often suffer from insomnia, with distribution of corn gruel, longan, Lotus seeds Lily.

3 insomnia of deficiency and can be dressed in uniforms or Lotus root starch, or simmer Lotus root with honey in moderation. Longan 10 g can also be used, dates to nucleus 5, steamed egg consumption, once a day.

4 guilty sweat, insomnia, cut with a pig, mount codonopsis pilosula, Angelica 25 grams each, steamed, to drugs, eat pig soup, have a good effect.