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How can a gel pillow be maintained and washed?
- May 02, 2018 -

Care and cleaning of expensive gel pillows need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Some people will get used to sunbathing pillows. We don't recommend it because gel products tend to age easily and cause powdering on the surface. The gel pillow does not need to be cleaned. When you really want to clean it, don't forget to soak the gel pillow directly in the water. Instead, you need to scrub it gently with a damp, damp cloth, and then use a dry towel or other material that absorbs water. Light dry; 3. When sleeping and sweating, the gel product itself will evaporate moisture, without special drying; 4. The gel pillows are easy to clean, just a light cloth, lightly lapping the surface layer gel, ie a brand new pillow with removable and washable fabrics, and a patented gel film, just wipe the surface layer of gel with a damp cloth to make it look like new and make the gel pillow lasting Has an initial sense of freshness; 5. When storing gel pillows, remember not to press heavy objects or place in damp spaces.