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Cushion pillows correctly poses for sleep comfort
- Apr 06, 2016 -

How to properly cushion pillow during sleep is very important, and must pad the pillow to the neck. All self tests, when you lie down, Chin at the bottom if the air, says the pillow is too low, down his chin, the pillow is too high, Chin should remain level and are comfortable and correct pillow height.

Sleep one-third time, posture should be prudent. As some parents think that children slept hard bed, the bones will grow up. Hips, waist, shoulders, three different meats, hard bed would make the body curves cannot be attached to the bed, unable to relax, uncomfortable and unhealthy.

There are many habits not padded pillows, head back to sleep, pressure on the cervical vertebra 1 time times higher than when leaning forward, over time, will go wrong. As for the pillow height, young can be slightly lower, after age is slightly higher, because of the softness of the cervical spine may change with age, more and more rigid, more support is needed.

Flat sleep (Yang attitude) Shi, pillow to just from whole head has been pad to neck, cannot pad to shoulder, more cannot only pad to brain half of at, knee best placed a not pillow; side sleep Shi height to heightened 1 time times, two knee between also to clip a not pillow; lying sleep best avoid, because cervical will bear had big pressure; up Shi is to remember first side attitude, hand-held with up, again bed, don't directly supine with on sat straight up. Regardless of position, no matter how right, fixed for too long are not, long must be for a change, and sleep rolled over and sat for a long time to stand up and move a muscle and spine can be nice.