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Back pain should not be too hard mattress
- Apr 06, 2016 -

For a long time, it has been argued that, for those old people who shout back pain, better sleep hard bed, if you want to bed Spring mattress, sleeping on a hard mattress. In order to verify whether this belief is science, Spain scientists have recently made a related experiment. Experimental results show that for back pain sufferers, most can ease their back pain mattress type for medium-hard, rather they say PCB levels of hardness.

Researchers explained that because the hard mattresses can provide better support for the whole body, so doctors generally recommend that back pain sufferers use hard mattress. However, the experiment proved that to alleviate back pain itself, the hardness of the mattress chosen should be moderate, not too hard. Researchers said that the waist is one of the parts of the body most likely to go wrong. Most of us at some stage of their life, or because of injuries, careless or with low or by accident, we leave our back pain symptoms. In mild cases, pain a couple of days, severe cases, can hurt for a few months or a few years, even for life to worry about the disease. Meanwhile, very few people know, people spent on the treatment of back pain is quite spectacular.