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A brief introduction to memory sponge
- Jan 28, 2018 -

Memory sponge is a special temperature-sensitive foam adhesive. Originally developed by NASA to defuse pressure on space pilots, and 23,000 tests in Gothenburg Lillhagen Hospital in Sweden, it was confirmed that the mattress would prevent spinal flexion and make blood circulation better, reducing the number of turns; pillows made of this material, Carefully combined with mechanics, art, ergonomic design, the special curvature of the neck pillow and the different heights on both sides can be adjusted with each person's neck height and radian, can correct fully support the cervical spine, so that you enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

However, many consumers in order to improve their sleep conditions, or health care for the consideration of the choice of high-grade pillows, the results found that they have been fooled, high-grade pillow is not legendary so gadget also forget, unexpectedly also appeared a lot of fake, let consumers have to sigh "pillow also have worries Ah!"