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1. The memory cotton pillow has been hardened, can it be restored?

Because I don't understand, the newly bought cotton pillows have been exposed to the sun for a day and become rather stiff. Is there a way to get back to the same way? Or a little softer?

Memory pillow is not allowed to bask in the sun. There are labels on all pillows. Use sprinkler to sprinkle the water on the memory pillow, and then dry it. It can not be exposed to the sun.

2. memory cotton pillow, the pressure time can rebound back?

The pillow of cotton memory material is slow in elasticity, and it will rebound slowly.

3. memory pillow humid and sticky feel normal?

see the pillow core material: the best material pillow core on the market is the top Tempur material temperature pillow core at present. When the head and neck contact with the pillow, the temperature induction will occur, so that the contact surface of the head and neck does not feel oppressive and the blood is smooth. And the Tempur material is warm yellow pillow, but the yellow pillow is not necessarily Tempur material. It's a bit awkward.

look at the handprint: when the hand gently placed on the Tempur material pillow, no pressure (as long as the hand has a certain temperature) can see the light and clear handprints, and the ordinary memory pillow need to be pressed down to see the handprint.

see if the mold is molded at one time: there are two manufacturing processes for memory pillow: cutting and molding. Cutting is a large memory sponge, which can be cut into different specifications, shapes and sizes according to requirements. Mold molding refers to a mold injection molding, through injection, vacuum, heating, foaming and a series of processes made of complex process, density, feel, life is related to this.

the top memory pillow can not only look at the appearance, but also need to see whether the inner sheath is full cotton, and the inner sheath of the whole cotton will not generate static electricity and will not stick to the hair.

5, density, the higher the unit volume density, the heavier the component.